When Fear, Worry and Doubt Overshadow Your Faith

“There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever.” -Mahatma Gandhi

What are you worried about? What circumstance are you afraid might or might not happen? What do you want in your life so much but deep down you don’t believe it will ever really come to pass? What is it that keeps you up at night or consumes your thoughts during the day?

Ask yourself if how you feel most of the day leaves you emotionally drained and mentally fatigued or do you walk around with a light heart and are you full of hope and, are you expecting good things to happen?

Depending on your answers to the above questions, they will have a direct impact not only on how you walk through your day, but more importantly, it will be what you are attracting more of into your life. UGH!

When you say things out loud to people that describe how you feel, what you are going through, and how it is affecting you, you are blasting these thoughts out into the universe over a loud speaker and the reverberations you will get in return will be how you feel and how you experience life.

When you dwell on and obsess about what is wrong in your life and your inner dialogue and thought process is negative, limiting, fearful and filled with angst, how do you think you are going to feel? When doubts, fears and worries are predominant in your mind about any situation or event be prepared to feel overwhelmed, sad or depressed.

On the other hand when you begin to realize that your thoughts are the very reason you feel like you do and your beliefs about anything regardless of whether it’s negative or positive will attract more of what you don’t want into your life, maybe then you will tune in and see if what you are thinking, saying and doing are working out for you or not.

Remember, fear is the opposite of faith. And when you choose to live in fear and worry it ALWAYS overshadows your faith. You may think you have faith, but in reality you might hold onto a lot more worry and fear than you do your faith. Can you really just have a little bit of faith? You either have faith in God/Your Higher Power/Allah or you don’t. Which is it?

When you truly believe that you are being guided and that everything is going to work out, then what is it that you have to worry about? But, when you kinda have faith, when you believe but have your doubts and when you allow your fears to become bigger than your faith, well, you may already know what the outcome of that scenario is!!!

The easiest way to figure out whether you are negative or positive, whether you are on the right or wrong thinking path is to ask yourself this simple question, “How am I feeling?” Are you happy, hopeful, full of joy, filled with gratitude, anticipating good and abundance? Or, are you sad, depressed, find yourself with an overall feeling of malaise and full of fear and worry?

When you get your answer you can then decide if you want to continue down the same path or change your course; if you want to believe and have faith or try and control things and worry yourself into a depression.

Just know this, your thoughts have the power to make you or break you, build you up or tear you down, make heaven out of hell or hell out of heaven.

So decide what kind of thoughts you are going to allow into your day. And make an even bigger choice; decide whether you are going to have real faith and know that you are being guided and that everything is working out for the best or if you’d rather do it alone through fear, worry and doubt.

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