Simple Steps to Achieve Ultra Deep Meditation

Everyone has probably heard about the benefits of meditation but not many know what “ultra deep” is all about. You may be interested in learning about this type of meditation, where you try meditation to reach deeper levels.

To reach a state, where you meditate very deeply, you need to learn two techniques, which will be explained here below. The first method is “Meditation using Mantras” and the second is the art of meditating with binaural beats.

The use of mantras in this first technique involves chanting a mantra continuously during meditation. You concentrate on this easy task of repeating and you will find your mind begin to relax completely. Now we shall be using the mantra “OM.”

Make yourself comfortable by sitting in an upright position with dim lighting. Now you start with inhaling deeply, hold and then slowly exhale, saying the word “Ommm” as you breathe out. You should use the continuous rhythm of breathing slowly and deeply.

Continue this for a while and when you feel your body relaxing slowly, stop this mode of breathing deeply and gently shut your eyes. As you relax, feel the natural vibration of the word “Ommm” as it continues to reverberate through your being.

You should not be expending any effort at all when using the mantra. There should be minimum effort used; there is not any special way that you should utter the mantra. Your mind can repeat it either slowly or as fast as it wants to. Let it flow gently across your mind.

There may be times when the mind wanders when you are chanting the mantra. Let this not worry you. Using minimum effort, gently return to concentrating on the constant repetitions. When you feel completely relaxed, stop chanting and just remain composed in the deep state of relaxation that you have reached.

You should try to continue the mantra meditation for at least 20 minutes, after which you can let the mantra fade away, during which time you should keep your eyes shut and relax. Then open them very slowly again.

Alternatively, you can use binaural beats to help you meditate with or without chanting mantras. To attempt this, play a frequency, which is slightly different for each ear using headphones and notice how your brain is able to distinguish the variations in the frequency and match its own to both. You can achieve the ultra deep state of meditation.

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