An Elements of Wellness: A Passion to Fulfill Your Destiny

For the past 3 years, I’ve been professionally void of passion. Following the collapse of a business that I had thrown myself into with heart and soul in the 5 years prior, one that I was convinced was my true calling, I developed a lethargic, disappointed attitude. I threw myself into self development, finding my authentic self and a job that paid the bills. Though I was getting by and I was learning along the way, I felt lost in a desert of failure and confusion until this time last year when a new vision appeared. But in spite of how confident I was in this vision, every step I took to walk out and seize hold of the opportunity, regardless of what tools I took in my hand to implement the dream, I could not get started. I couldn’t let the vision go nor could I seem to step out into it. I waited.

Waiting is not action by the way. I just didn’t know where to go or what to do next. Since I was experiencing other major life changes at the time, those related to my search for authenticity such as moving to South Africa and getting married, I justified my lethargic professional pursuit. I waited but I still held on to my visionary conviction and the hope of success once again when life settled down and I was living true to my unique and individual identity.

As the calendar turned to 2011, I found myself living a dream. More than ever before I was ME, the real me and my life was built on my dreams not anyone’s expectations. I felt free and alive. Things began to stir a bit. I began to feel anxious, not in a negative way but in an enthusiastic manner where I felt motivated, driven, eager. I took a few basic, simple steps in hopes of finding my professional passion. I began writing again this time with true professional interest at heart. I opened a Twitter account. It occurred. The doors seemed to fly open and soon, I was engulfed in a passion I had forgotten I knew and could experience.

Writing was now the driver and the INTERNET was the vehicle to fulfill the vision. But there was steep learning curve, a daunting mountain with the deep dark crevasses of the unknown to conquer. This was something I had never considered myself capable of accomplishing. I dug deep and set out on the journey. What now excites me and what motivates this post, is the passion that has grown in this still young journey.

I am on fire and the flames grow higher, brighter and hotter with every step I take. No, there isn’t any money coming in just yet but I am having the time of my life creating the foundation for this new professional pursuit. I’ve discovered a new creative outlet; a modern one at that and one that holds promise not only of fulfilling the vision from a year ago but one that I have held secretly for a lifetime.

Yes, I’m holding out on any details because I am still developing it all and want to unveil things at the right time. But I encourage you to stay tuned as i do believe we all have some exciting things to share in the very near future.

Passion. I’ve suddenly realized that PASSION is a powerful element of wellness. I couldn’t get things going because I hadn’t found my passion. I had a great idea, a viable concept but I lacked the passion. Once I found it, the world began to open up.

Have you lost your passion? Maybe it is the passion in your marriage? Maybe the passion for your career? It could be your passion for life overall? Have you somehow, someway and somewhere surrendered to surviving and waiting? I encourage you in this. DO NOT for any reason, release your dream to surrender! You may not know how to move forward now, but hold on tight to the vision for your life; give it away to no one; allow nothing to steal it from you and never accept the lie that you will not fulfill your dream. It may seem impossible but I’ve learned that those are the times when the most awesome miracles occur IF we chose to believe.

Our dreams are not always met with ease. Sometimes we have to wait. Sometimes we have to fight. Sometimes we have to dig and claw our way up mountains. No matter, I have full conviction of heart that any dream we have is divinely inspired and therefore meant to be truth in our lives. Dreams are not given as mere fantasy. They are not planted in our hearts to fail. They are given to live; to grow, thrive and in due time, produce a beautiful crop that only our lives can produce and that the world is eagerly awaiting to partake.

The world needs your dream! They need you filled with passion, living authentically in your divine purpose. Don’t cheat yourself or the world by surrendering to circumstance, fear, doubt, uncertainty, insecurity…whatever. Hold on, believe, take any and every step before you and find the passion that will carry you to the fulfillment of your dreams and the purpose established for your life.

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